I welcome you on my web site. All my the paintings are original and have the original artists signature. Pictures ordered together will be sent as a single order. Orders within weekend will be send on Monday excluding national holidays! Thank you !!

The site has a built-in simple store for selling paintings. You will not see additional windows and warnings. They are simply absent. If you click on the ORDER NOW button, the page just reboots and it means that the picture is added to the trash. For look up your orders, you just click on the link YOUR ORDER. For the final purchase go to the link Paypal DIRECT CHECKOUT. Address of delivery enter on the PAYPAL page. After the final payment you will automatically go to the delivery address form if your address are different. Or write me email. Delivered price are $10, -/per order. For some pictures maybe added an additional shipping fee.  Free Shipping for Orders Over $100, –. More about the terms and conditions you can read here.